My name is Arnaud, I’m curious and open-minded. My journey sets me off to 4 continents :  Peru , Morocco, India and all over Europe. I learnt languages to be able to exchange with people : English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, a bit of Arabic…

Originally I  studied in a French business school and did a master on innovation and project management. Everywhere I go, I look for coherence and my own truth. Working with kids has become along the way a main source of joy. I had taken a training at the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) to become a Montessori educator. And it gave me the opportunity to discover life in eco-villages. Then I practiced “unschooling” in a reforestation camp in Auroville India. And when I came back to Paris, the idea of working in a democratic school had become obvious to me.

Alongside, I organise hikings to connect meaningful experiments (such as promoting an ecological transition) with people and through this activity participants are encouraged to develop a keener focus both innerly and externally while slowing down their pace of life.